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The vinyl LP of this title had been the third 'live' album by Adge Cutler & The Wurzels, originally released in 1968. On July 7th 2003 it became the first of the original Adge Cutler albums to be produced in the CD format, and at the same time was also released as a cassette tape.

Track Listing:

  • Side 1
  • 1. Drink Up Thy Zider (Play On) (Cutler)
    2. The Charlton Mackrell Jug Band
        (Sheldon)Interpolating MacNamara's Band
    3. In The Haymaking Time (Cutler) Interpolating
        Sing Something Simple (Adams-Barnes
    4. Five Foot Flirt (Tawney)
    5. Thee's Got'n Where Thee Cassn't Back'n
        Hassn't? (Cutler)
    6. Dorset is Beautiful (New lyrics and adap.
    7. Up The Clump (Cutler)
  • Side 2
  • 1. Drink Up Thy Zider (Play On) (Cutler)
    2. The Chandler's Wife (New lyric and
       adapt. Kinsey)
    3. The Bristol Song (Barratt)
    4. The Marrow Song (Oh! What A Beauty)
    5. A Pub With No Beer (Parsons)
    6. Oh! Sir Jasper (New lyric and adapt. Barratt)
    7. The Wurple-Diddle-I-Doo Song (Fryberg-
        Donnop- Kirsten) (The Village Band)
    8. Drink Up Thy Zider (Play Off) (Cutler)

The CD Album:

It is unclear why EMI suddenly decided to issue this particular album by Adge Cutler on CD - possibly the success of the 'Finest Harvest' CD and cassette in 2000/2001 played a part in it. The CD was released in stereo on the EMI Gold label (which had been set up for the issue and re-issue of existing albums and compilations, including some vinyl recordings previously unreleased on CD) and it appears to be a straight remastering from the stereo version of the original LP into CD format.

By 2000 EMI had dispensed with the traditional catalogue numbering system for their releases - between 1969 and 1982 they had an international coding system which they hoped would get adopted industry wide, and they used it worldwide for their own releases. By 2000 this system had been generally adopted and became the EAN/UPC barcode-based cataloguing system. This particular CD, based on the vinyl release SCX6263, was catalogued as 7243 5 84807 2 6.  instead.

The Wurzels Archives

This release had an unusual green theme - the insert, CD itself and backing sheet were all in shades of green. ‚Äč

As in common with many CDs at the time this disc included the 'Copy Controlled' Logo and system to prevent copying. It also had basic information on what systems it would play on - eg PC with MS Windows and Mac OS8.6.

The Wurzels Archives

The insert in this CD is a glossy paper fold-out: The main frame is a straight copy of the original album artwork and adjacent to this is a reproduction of a map of Somerset with the names of the Wurzels at the time of the original recording. The tracks are listed twice but the original sleeve notes have not been included. The reverse of the insert is a continuation of the front image - a soft focus view of a field and gate.

The Wurzels Archives
The Wurzels Archives

 Collectors' Extras

The Wurzels Archives

Unusual copy of this CD - promotional item distributed by EMI.

It comes in a clear plastic wallet with paper insert single- side printed as shown below.

Track listing is the same as the final release but artwork is slightly different.

The Wurzels Archives

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