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Wurzelography of those without whom..

Original Wurzelmania page by 'Zider Ed' - Paul Gunningham and Frank Blades
An incomplete the moment!

There are many people who, even if they didn't play at a Wurzel gig or play with the band at a recording session, have played a major part in the story of Adge Cutler & The Wurzels, and The Wurzels: 

If  anyone knows anything interesting about the people listed above, or knows of anyone missing from the list, then I'd be interested to hear from you. If you have any news, don't keep it to yourself - please let us know!

There are three excellent reference sources to go to for detailed information about Adge, his Wurzels and those people who supported them all for many years; these are all readily available online and in bookshops:

Wurzels' World   by Mervyn Hancock, paperback - 2004       which can be obtained via in their on-line shop

Adge: King of the Wurzels   by John Hudson, paperback – 2012

Bristol Folk: A Discographical History of Bristol Folk Music in the 1960s and 1970s   by Mark James, paperback - 2009

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