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The Wurzels OFFICIAL 2020 Lockdown Videos

During the long period of 'lockdown' in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic The Wurzels went into enforced 'retirement' much to the frustration of their fans - and no doubt the band themselves!  To 'keep their hand in' whilst isolated from each other in lockdown four videos were produced and posted on social media - much to the delight of their fans.

 This page brings together in one place links to all these 'Lockdown' videos - pure entertainment  giving quite different but wonderful takes on the 'standard' Wurzel performances of these numbers!

Blackbird In Lockdown

This video was a superb and innovative remake of the 1976 hit 'The Blackbird' - recorded and filmed with each Wurzel at their respective homes when in lockdown. All cleverly spliced together to produce a fun and what will one day in the not-to-distant future be a fun commentary of life during the pandemic!

Starring Wurzels Pete Budd, Tommy Banner, John Morgan, Sedge Moore, Dan Dribble and Louie Gribble it was promoted with the tag-line

"Stay safe, stay well, and we look forward to the day we can all sing this together at a gig! Ooh-Arr!"

Up The Klump - Sedge's Loopy Lockdown Shed Session

This video was produced by Sedge Moore and his several alter-egos in his garden shed. A brilliant and fun take on Adge's 1968 single 'Up The Clump'.

It was promoted with the tag-line    "Just like the rest of The Wurzels, our Sedge is missing being out there with you lovely scrumpers. However, he's been busy in his shed (there may have been scrumpy involved) and he's ere to raise a smile in these strange old times!"

Dan Dribble's Honky-Tonk Lockdown Wurzels Mash Up

This was the first of two videos produce by Dan Dribble. Expertly produced it was a medley of Adge and Wurzel tunes in a style never 'b'eard before' as Adge once said. A lively, fun and addictive honky-tonk medley

"Dan Dribble has been at it and has made this rather nifty honky-tonk lockdown mashup of a few Wurzel songs! Which ones can you identify?"

Dan Dribble’s Nempnett Honky-Tonk Wurzel Weave

This second video by Dan Dribble was described when released as 

 "A little Wurzel homage whilst we continue to twiddle our thumbs waiting for the nod to get back up on stage. Hang in there folks and can't wait to see you all after this dung-filled pandemic is over."

The atmospheric video is carefully interspersed with snatches of the good old pre-pandemic days when the Wurzels were live on stage! Another superb offering from the group's newest keyboard player.

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