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 The Wurzels Promotional Videos

The Wurzels have released only  8 purpose-made single release promotional videos over the years and they can all be found on the group's official Youtube channel ' Wurzelworld'.  This page provides an easy link to each of them and they can be watched via this page or directly on their Youtube page itself.

'The Combine Harvester'

'The Combine Harvester' 7" vinyl chart-topping single was released on 23rd April 1976 and was the group's first 'post Adge'. It was accompanied by their first purpose-made standalone film to promote a single release. It was filmed at Wressing Farm in Kentisbeare, Devon

'I Am A Cider Drinker'

This was the second 7" vinyl single  by The Wurzels and was released on 27th August 1976 . It was accompanied by stand-alone video - filmed in a West Country pub to give a good flavor of the song!

'Don't Look Back In Anger'

This track was included on a three track EP CD issued on 30th September 2002 as a precursor to the release of the 'Never Mind The Bullocks'  CD released on November 18th. A video was produced to accompany the single. It was filmed at Sandfield House, Whiteball near Wellington, Somerset.

'Don't Look Back In Anger'

Issued simultaneously with the release of the above video to accompany this single this is an atmospherically dramatic version produced in black and white.

'Cider drinker 2007'

This single was released on 23rd April 2007 both as a CD and as a 7" vinyl single - the last vinyl record released by The Wurzels to date. It was released as part of the promotions for the band's 'Greatest Hits' CD album and was accompanied by a video filmed at 'The Hop Farm Country Park' in Kent starring both the Wurzels, Tony Blackburn and a variety of puppets!


This track was released in the form of an internet download on 21st June 2010 following the release of the CD album 'A Load More Bullocks'. The accompanying video was filmed at the Bristol Beirkeller.

'Sleigh Ride'

This single track was released on December 5th 2011 as an internet download and was taken from 'The Wurzels Christmas Album'. The album itself had been released on November 14th. The accompanying video for the single was filmed at The Wurzels grotto in deepest Somerset.

'Old Rosie''

This 'stand-alone' track was released on 30th June 2017, initially via internet download it later became available on CD as a limited edition pressing. The single's release was accompanied by a music video posted on The Wurzels YouTube channel - starring The Wurzels and 'Old Rosie'. It was  filmed at Weston's Cider Mill in Much Marcle, Herefordshire.

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