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The ONLY Index to ALL Officially Released Wurzel Songs: Part 2 (D-F)

Alphabetical list of all official UK releases of Adge Cutler & The Wurzels and The Wurzels songs

Each song has links to all the releases where it can be found plus the pages that feature the lyrics.

Dead From The Waist Down (Make Hay Not Hay)
(Matthews, Roberts, Jones, Richards, Powell)  
Released on the 2002 CD album 'Never Mind The Bullocks' it also can be found as a promotional CD single for a pulled release in 2003. "Dead from the Waist Down" is a song recorded by the Welsh band Catatonia, taken from their third studio album 'Equally Cursed and Blessed' in 1998.

Don Juan Of The West
(Tommy Banner, Tony Baylis, Pete Budd, Ed Welch)
Released as the B-side of the 1980 single 'You Don't Get Drunk On A Saturday Night' and sung by Tommy Banner.

Don't Look Back In Anger
Released as a CD three-track single in 2002, whilst appearing on the CD album 'Never Mind The Bullocks' at the same time. It was re-recorded for the 2007 CD 'Top Of The Crops'. The song was a straight cover lyrically, but definitely not musically, being performed in The Wurzels' inimitable style The record reached the UK Top 60 during its first week of release, but surprisingly failed to crack the all-important Top 40 despite plenty of airplay and interest from the media.
 song found its way into The Wurzels live set as part of their encore for quite some time - with a little help from backing tapes - together with the donning of dark glasses by all the band!

Don't Tell I, Tell 'Ee
(Kevin Sheldon, Trevor Crozier)
The was originally released as the A side on a 1968 single, the same version being later used on the 1972 album of the same name. The track was re-recorded for the 1975 'Wurzels Are Scrumptious' LP and also the 2007 CD 'Top Of The Crops'. Although not written by Adge, this song seems to sum up the Adge Cutler laid-back attitude to life, and is a song forever be associated with him, even though others have sung it. This was the band's fifth single on the Columbia label but not available on album until the 1974 compilation of the same name.

Dorset Is Beautiful
(adapt. Trevor Crozier)
Sung to the folk tune 'The Nightingale', with lyrics by Tevor Crozier this recording was released on the 1968 LP 'Cutler Of The West'. Adge sang this on his third album to prove he wasn't racially prejudiced! Sung to the folk tune 'The Nightingale', with lyrics by Tevor Crozier.

Down In Nempnett Thrubwell
(Adge Cutler, Henry Davies)
Co-written by Adge and Henry, it was left to The Wurzels to record and release this track on the 1976 'Combine Harvester' LP. It was re-recorded for the 1981 cassette album 'The Wurzels and again in 2004 for the CD 'A Taste Of The West'. Nempnett Thrubwell is a sleepy Somerset village with no pubs - in spite of what Pete Budd says on the record! Tommy Banner sings the lead on this slow, restful number. 

Down On The Farm
(Ian Whitcomb)
Written by singer/songwriter Ian Whitcomb, who also recorded it himself this was released on the 1969 LP 'Carry On Cutler'.

Down Our Street
Released on the 1978 LP 'I'II Never Get A Scrumpy Here'. A nostalgic song about childhood, sung as a duet by Tommy Banner and Gaffer Baylis.

Drink, Drink Yer Zider Up
(Roger Greenaway, H. Barter, R. Barter)
Released on the 1977 'Golden Delicious' album'. An upbeat song with an unusual wobble-board accompaniment

Drink Up Thy Zider
(Adge Cutler)
Originally released on the group's first record - as the A side of their 1966 single and at the same time on an EP. This single was reissued in 1974. This track was re-recorded several times over the years and appears on even more releases. The unique releases are:
'Carry On Cutler' LP 1969
'The Wurzels Are Scrumptious' LP 1975
'Mendip Magic'
'Come On Santa' CD single 2001
'Top Of The Crops' CD 2004
'One For The Bristol City' (B side) CD single 2007

In addition there is a 'Disco Version', which was much sought after by collectors before its inclusion on the 'The Wurzels Greatest Hits'.

A hymn of praise to Zummerzet's greatest product, the song has become a standard among scrumpy lovers and is still sung wherever two or more cider drinkers are gathered together. As an example for those who haven't heard it, the second verse goes:

Drink Up Thy Cider George, thee bissn't goin' far
Drink Up Thy Zider George, thee's gettin' quite a star
There's dung oe'r all thy taters
An' 'alfway up thy gaiters
An' there's still more zider in the jar.

LYRICS!    LP:   Carry On Cutler
LYRICS!    LP: The Wurzels Are Scrumptious 
LYRICS!    Cassette Album: Mendip Magic
LYRICS!    CD Single: Come On Santa CD
LYRICS!    CD: Top Of The Crops 
LYRICS!    CD Single: One For The Bristol City
LYRICS!    LP: The Wurzels Greatest Hits (disco version)

45 rpm single 1966 (A-side); 45 rpm single 1974 (A-side)EP: Scrumpy & Western; CD-single 2001 ; CD-single 2007 (B-side); LP: Adge Cutler & The Wurzels; Cassette Album: Adge Cutler & The Wurzels; CD: Adge Cutler & The Wurzels; LP: Carry On Cutler; CD: Carry On Cutler; LP: Don't Tell I, Tell 'Ee (1972), Cassette Album; Don't Tell I, Tell 'Ee (1972): CD: Don't Tell I, Tell 'Ee (1972)LP: Don't Tell I, Tell 'Ee (1978); Cassette Album; Don't Tell I, Tell 'Ee (1978)LP: The Very Best Of Adge Cutler; Cassette Album: The Very Best Of Adge Cutler; LP: Adge Cutler's Cider Drinking Favourites; Cassette Album: Adge Cutler's Cider Drinking Favourites; ; LP: The Wurzels Are Scrumptious!; Cassette Album: The Wurzels Are Scrumptious! CD: The Wurzels Are Scrumptious!; LP: The Wurzels Greatest Hits; Cassette album: The Wurzels Greatest HitsMendip Magic Tape Album; LP: Vintage Zider; Cassette Album: Vintage Zider1981 Cassette: The Wurzels; Cassette Album: The Wurzels and Adge Cutler & The Wurzels; CD: The Wurzels and Adge Cutler & The Wurzels; CD: The Wurzels Collection; CD: The Finest 'Arvest of The Wurzels featuring Adge Cutler; Cassette Album: The Finest 'Arvest of The Wurzels featuring Adge Cutler; CD: The Wurzels Live; CD: Top Of The Crops; CD: The Wurzels Greatest Hits

Drinking Man's Life, A
(Tony Baylis)
Released on the 1975 'The Wurzels Are Scrumptious!'. Gaffer Baylis's song about the trials and tribulations of being an alcoholic. The only cure is more scrumpy...

Drunk Again
(John Macey, Reg Quantrill)
Released on the 1967 LP 'Adge Cutler's Family Album'.

Drunk On A Saturday Night
(Pam & Chic Warner)
This was originally released on the 1978 'Never Get A Scrumpy Here' album, and was re-recorded for release as a single in 1980. Another drinking song with a good old singalong chorus. 

(Adge Cutler)
Released as the B side of the 'I Wish I Was Back On The Farm'  single in 1967 it was re-recorded for the 1967 album 'Adge Cutler's Family Album'. This was the opening song on Adge Cutler's second album, and is Adge's homage to the village of Easton-in-Gordano in North Somerset (now best known as a motorway service station!). It was recorded live at the Royal Oak, Nailsea, in 1967.

Faggots Is The Stuff
(Adge Cutler)
Released as the B-side of the single 'Don't Tell I, Tell 'Ee' in 1968, an slightly edited version appeared on the 1972 album  'Don't Tell I, Tell 'Ee'.
The song is a hymn of praise to this gourmet's delight, and tells of its health giving properties and the various historical characters who owed their success to it. For the benefit of those people already sniggering at the back, a faggot is a kind of meatball, a traditional dish in the UK, especially the South West of England, Wales, and the Black Country (and definitely not a bit of firewood or whatever else you thought it was).
This song was written by Adge for a series of commercials in 1967 for Mr Brain's Faggots which was (and still is) the best-known commercial brand of faggot. The company was based in Bristol (founder Herbert Hill Brain was Bristol born and bred), and owned by Irish company Hibernia when Adge wrote the song. The company closed it's Bristol factory in 2003, and went into receivership later the same year. Mr Brain's Faggots are now made in Hartlepool!

Fairytale Of New York
 (Jem Finer & Shane
Released on the 2011 CD 'The Wurzels Christmas Album. with Pete Budd on leasd vocals. "Fairytale of New York" is a song written by Jem Finer and Shane MacGowan and recorded by their band the 'Pogues', featuring singer-songwriter Kirsty MacColl on vocals. The song is an Irish folk-style ballad and was written as a duet, with the Pogues' singer MacGowan taking the role of the male character and MacColl the female character. It was originally released as a single in 1987 and later featured on the Pogues' 1988 album 'If I Should Fall from Grace with God'.

Farmer Bill's Cowman
(Roger Greenaway, Roger Cook; special lyrics: Tommy Banner, Pete Budd, Tony Baylis, Bob Barratt)
Originally released as a single in 1977 it was also included on the 1977 album 'Give Me England'. Another Wurzels' parody, this was based on the 1967 UK instrumental hit 'I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman' by Whistling Jack Smith. The Wurzels' version reached #32 in the UK singles charts in June 1977. It was re-recorded for the CD album 'Top Of The Crops'.

Farmer Jonesie's Travellin' Disco Show
Released on the 1977 album 'Give Me England', it's about a farmer who runs a disco in his spare time with Pete Budd on lead vocals.

Feed The Wurzels: Bristolian Band Aid
(Geldorf, Ure)
Collaboration charity single release in 2004. Charity single release featuring GWR FM DJs Bush and Troy, The Wurzels and various other local celebrities singing the Live Aid song 'Feed The World'.

LYRICS!    CD-single (collaboration release)

Ferry To Glastonbury
(Adge Cutler, Colin Thomas)
Originally released on the 'Carry On Cutler!' album  and  as an accompanying single in 1969. A studio version was recorded by The Wurzels for their 'I'll Never  Get A Scrumpy Here' album in 1978. It was  re-recorded for the 2004 CD 'A Taste of the West'.

One of Adge's few restful songs - in his words "a bit of a jog-along number". Bob Barratt described it as "the answer to Glastonbury's traffic problem" (not that Glastonbury had a traffic problem!).

Five Foot Flirt
(Cyril Tawney)
Released on the 1968 album 'Cutler Of The West'. Humorous song written by well-known Devon folk singer Cyril Tawney.

Folk Song
(Ted Dicks, Myles Rudge)
Released on the 1969 album 'Carry On Cutler!'. A song about a plan to purchase a double bed, written by Ted Dicks & Myles Rudge who also wrote the hits 'Hole In The Ground' and 'Right Said Fred' for Bernard Cribbins - who also recorded the original version of this song.

(Lee Sheridan)

Released on the 1983 album 'Freshly Cut'. Written by Lee Sheriden (born in Horfield, Bristol) is a British singer/songwriter and musical director, best known as a member of pop group Brotherhood of Man. He also produced several of the tracks on the 'Freshly Cut' album.

Forty And Bone Dry
(Geoff Betsworth)
Released on the 1995 'Eddie Stobart' EP. A country & western style track.

Freak-Out In Somerset
(New words & music adapt. Bob Barratt)
Released on the 1967 album 'Adge Cutler's Family Album'. A Bob Barrett adaptation of the well-known rugby song 'Four & Twenty Virgins', this describes the dubious goings on at a freak-out where the participants have been indulging in too much of that Sixties hallucinogenic substance, scrumpy!

Funky Farmyard
(Tony Baylis)
Released as the B side of the 1978 single 'The Tractor Song'. "Everybody's havin' fun, down by the chicken run" in The Wurzels' funky farmyard. Has a good "Ooh Arr!" type chorus. 

(Keen fans will no doubt have come across many other Wurzels' recordings such as 'I Want To Be In The Eddie Stobart Fanclub', 'Gunpower And Plot' and 'At The End Of My Old Cigar' to name but  few but  these were not, strictly speaking, 'official releases' and will be covered at another time!)

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