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"One For The Bristol City" & "Drink Up Thy Zider"

This CD was a re-recording of The Wurzels 1977 single, released on 24th September 2007 on the CIA record label catalogue number CIA004. A percentage of the sale profits went to the BUI prostrate cancer charity. It entered the UK charts on 6 October 2007 for 1 week at number 66.

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The Band Line-Up:

At the time of the recording of this single The Wurzels consisted of Pete Budd, Tommy Banner, John Morgan, Sedge Moor. This single saw a new band line up with the addition of Sedge Moore - Guitarist Jai Howe did not appear on the recording as he was unwell at the time it was made - and he sadly died in February 2008.

The Tracks:

There were two tracks on this CD - One For The Bristol City and Drink Up Thy Zider (live). Both were previously unreleased recordings and were not subsequently included on any CD albums. The CD was produced by part-time Wurzel Louie Nicastro.

The Disc & Sleeve:

The CD disc for this release was a bright representation of a football in the club's colours. The sleeve was, unusually, a robust laminated card sleeve as shown below.

The Wurzels Archives

The Wurzels Archives

Collectors' Extras:

A promotional copy of this single was made although the disc was a basic black on silver as shown.

The sleeve for the promotional copy was a clear plastic wallet. The insert was printed paper, identical to the main release version but without a barcode.

The Wurzels Archives

The Wurzels Archives

   "One For The Bristol City"   2007 version - Song Lyrics                        

  • (Chorus)
    One for the Bristol City
    Two for the boys in red
    Three for the fans down Ashton Gate
    We'll follow till we're dead me boys
    Follow till we're dead
  • Down at Ashton Gate there's Gary J
    And the red red robins too
    If they win or if they lose
    We'll follow them through and through
    I spend a little time on a Saturday
    And I'm ready for anything
    Spend an hour or two in a bloody gert queue
    To get in the ground and sing
  • (Repeat chorus)
  • They are the best from way down West
    And we think that they are grand
    Now they're in the groove pretty soon they'll prove
    The finest in the land
    We come on combine harvesters
    By bus by train and car
    And on every ground you will hear this sound
    As we shout ooh arr, ooh arr
  • (Repeat chorus three times)
  • Follow till we're dead me boys
    Follow till we're dead

  •   Lyrics Kindly transcribed by E.Bryant,
      Verified by Professor Wurzel
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