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A Full Wurzelography

Want to know more? Below are listed all known members of The Wurzels, past and present. Twenty at the time of writing! I have taken a 'Wurzel' as someone who plays with the band (either live or on recordings) on a permanent basis or is a regular 'stand-in'. Click on the (green) link for each name to visit a page with a Wurzelography for that person. You can find details of session musicians who played with the band over the years here.

A pictorial version of this page can be seen on our Wurzel'n Timeline.

The Wurzels Archives

Reg Quantrill banjo & guitar (1966-1974)
Reg Chant accordion (1966-1967)
John Macey bass (1966-1968)
Brian Walker tuba (1966-1967)
Pete Shuttler accordion (1967)

Ken Scott accordion (1967)
Tommy Banner  accordion &  vocals (1967-present)
Henry Davies tuba & bass (1967 and  1968)
Melt Kingston tuba & bass (1967-1968)
Tony Baylis tuba & bass (1969-1985)

Pete Budd  banjo & guitar, lead vocals (1974-present)
Jai Howe bass (1984 & 2002-2008)
Terry Pascoe keyboards (1981-1984)
Dave Wintour bass (1990-2002)

John Morgan drums (1981-2021)
Mike Gwilliam bass (late 1980s)
Sedge Moore  bass (2007-present)
Lee Delamere  drums (2021-present)

Louie Nicastro   keyboards (2005-present)
Steve Milliner     keyboards (2017-present)

Dan Dribble   keyboards (2017 -present)

There are three excellent reference sources to go to for detailed information about Adge, his Wurzels and those people who supported them all for many years; these are all readily available online and in bookshops:

Wurzels' World   by Mervyn Hancock, paperback - 2004       which can be obtained via in their on-line shop

Adge: King of the Wurzels   by John Hudson, paperback – 2012

Bristol Folk: A Discographical History of Bristol Folk Music in the 1960s and 1970s   by Mark James, paperback - 2009

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