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Louie Nicastro       Wurzel  producer and more!  From 2001 to present

Louie 'Gribble' Nicastro is known for his production and sound engineering work as well as being a Wurzel where he plays keyboards!. He recorded and has produced several albums for The Stranglers, three singles for Tina Cousins as well albums and singles for The Wurzels. He is part of Sil Wilcox's Cruisin' Music Management company, and first came to the attention of Wurzels fans when he was given songwriting credits on the Come On Santa! single in 2001. No production/sound engineering credits are printed on the sleeve of the single, but I suspect it was also Louie at the controls. Louie has been producer and sound engineer on all subsequent albums and singles since. As well as being a star behind the desk, he is also no mean musician and was credited with 'additional instruments' on Never Mind the Bullocks and 'A Taste Of The West'.

The Wurzels Archives

And if all this is not enough for his inclusion as band member, in November 2005 - when Tommy Banner was rushed into hospital with prostate cancer - it was Louie who took up the baton and allowed The Wurzels to fulfil their live commitments. Although he is no accordion player, Louie nevertheless covered the instrument on keyboards, as well as providing cover on backing vocals. He appears to have declined to 'uncover' in Tommy's place, so there was no stripping on stage while Tommy's absence! Louie appeared at all the Wurzels gigs over the winter of 2005 and into the spring of 2006 until Tommy recovered enough to take his place back with the band.

Since then Louie has continued to be heavily involved in all Wurzel releases as well as The Stranglers and The Fun Loving Criminals.

A 'fifth' Wurzel if ever there was one - a talented and fun musician with a huge spectrum of musical genre!

Wurzel Album Discography:

  • The Wurzels Live
  • Never Mind The Bullocks 'Eres The Wurzels
  • Taste Of The West
  • Top Of The Crops
  • Load More Bullocks
  • The Wurzels Christmas Album

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