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Sedge Moore    Wurzel from 2007-present

Sedge Moore took over the reins on the bass guitar from Jai Howe in February 2007 - a cheerful fun and talented addition to the band, both on record and in live gigs.

A local Somerset lad from Midsomer Norton, it appears that Sedge Moore is not his real name - that being a closely guarded secret!

Sedge was born in darkest Somerset in 1958 and can play - in his own words - the ukulele, Guitar, bass, keyboards and the Indonesian Nose Flute!  In his pre-Wurzel days Sedge  played guitar with 'The King Swingers' (10 piece swing band) and worked as a session musician with various bands, musicians and producers.

The Wurzels Archives
Wurzel Album Discography:

  •  Never Mind The Bullocks 'Eres The Wurzels
  • Taste Of The West
  •  Top Of The Crops
  •  Load More Bullocks
  • The Wurzels Christmas Album

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