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A Wurzelography

Lee Delamere     Wurzel'n  from 2021 onwards

A Cornish born Drummer living in Plymouth it appears that Lee Delamere is not his real name - that seems a closely guarded secret!

Learning to play drums at the tender age of 8, Lee says "I was always aware of The Wurzels when I was younger and was always talking about 'the funny combine harvester song’ - so I'm told!".

He started playing in bands from the age of 11 giving him years of drumming experience on the gigging circuit! 

The Wurzels Archives

Lee joined the Wurzel Crew in late 2018 as a monitor engineer, and  so had the privilege of studying the late great, John Morgan’s drumming at first hand!

After the sad death of John Morgan in late 2021, he  filled in as drummer at the final Wurzels' shows of 2021, although he had already covered a few gigs for John earlier in the year.

The new season at the start of 2022 sees Lee still sat behind those legendary drums - who knows what the future may bring!

Below - a Wurzel in the making? 

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