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A Wurzelography

Dan Dibble      Wurzel from 2017 to present

Dan 'Dribble' joined The Wurzels on keyboards in 2017. Louie 'Gribble' Nicastro was becoming busier with additional musical commitments (especially The Stranglers) so following a cider-fuelled chat with old pal and Wurzels' bassist, Sedge Moore, Dan was invited to join the band.

Dan's first appearance with the boys was Saturday 22nd July 2017 at Fernhill Farm, Compton Martin at about 7pm-ish. He has appeared many times since then in gigs both stadium-sized and intimate. 

His skills? 

Well to quote the man himself 

" 'Keyboards and backing vocals' would be most appropriate. Obviously one plays the buffoon on request as well". 

This just about sums up the skill and fun that Dan gives to his position within the band!

In his ‘spare time’ Dan is a GP Surgeon at a busy practice in Bath where writing a prescription stating ‘twice daily’ often makes him raise a knowing smile.

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