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The Wurzels With Tony Blackburn

"I Am A Cider Drinker 2007"
b/w "Ferry To Glastonbury"

This was the nineteenth - and final - 7" 45rpm vinyl single released by The Wurzels. It was released on 23rd April 2007 on the EMI Gold record label, catalogue number 3926537 on yellow vinyl - the last vinyl record released by The Wurzels. The single was released as part of the promotions for The Wurzels 'Greatest Hits' album released on May 7th. It was simultaneously released as a CD single.

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The Band:

At the time of the recording of this single The Wurzels consisted of Pete Budd, Tommy Banner, John Morgan and Jai Howe.

The Tracks:

This release saw The Wurzels joined by Tony Blackburn on the 'A' side with I am A Cider Drinker. The 'B' side was taken from the Taste Of The West CD re-recording of Ferry To Glastonbury. Both tracks were produced by part-time Wurzel Louie Nicastro.

A promotional music video was produced to accompany this single and can be viewed here.

Disc and Label Variations:

The examples below are taken from the collection of Professor Wurzel and represent what a collector should expect to find. Generally The Wurzels' vinyl single releases from 1975 onwards tended to have an initial pressing run and were then taken off the catalogue. Matrix, Mother and Stamper codes were still used on the vinyl and the information centred around Adge's 1960's recordings that can be found on the Main Menu under 'Vinyl Collecting Guides' remains relevant (with minor changes between different record labels).

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Image 1:

This single was released on the EMI Gold record label.

'A' Side Matrix: 3926537 A-1

'B' Side Matrix: 3926537 AA-1

Rear of Picture Sleeve:

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       "I Am A Cider Drinker 2007"  - Song Lyrics                        

  • Ere! Where be that Blackburn to? Ha ha ha
  • When the moon shines on the cowshed
    And we're rolling in the hay
    All the cows are out there grazing
    And the milk is on its way
    (C'mon there young 'un, get it down 'ee)
  • (Chorus)
    I am a cider drinker, I drinks it all of the day
    I am a cider drinker, it soothes all me troubles away
    Ooh arr ooh arr ay, ooh arr ooh arr ay
  • It's so cosy, in the kitchen
    With the smell of rabbit stew
    When the breeze blows, 'cross the farmyard
    You can smell the cowshed too (God oh ho)
    When the combine wheels stop turning
    And the hard day's work is done
    There's a pub around the corner
    It's the place we'll have our fun
  • (we'll have some fun an' all!)
  • (Repeat chorus)
  • (Come on Mabel)
    Dear old Mabel, when she's able
    Takes a stroll down Lover's Lane
    And we sinks a pint of scrumpy
    And we'll play old nature's game (ha ha ha ha)
    But we ends up, in the duck pond
    When the pub decides to close
    With me britches, full of tadpoles
    And the newts between me toes
  • (Come on there now)
  • (Repeat chorus)
    (Come on get 'un up there now!)
    I am a cider drinker (hey hey)
    I drinks it all of the day (Let's have another Tony!)
    I am a cider drinker (oh yes!)
    It soothes all me troubles away
    Ooh arr ooh arr ay, ooh arr ooh arr ay
    Ooh arr ooh arr ay, ooh arr ooh arr ay
    Ooh arr ooh arr ay, ooh arr ooh arr ay
    Let cider be the spice of life ha ha ha ha
  • Ah! Proper job!

  • Lyrics Kindly transcribed by E.Bryant,
  • Verified by Professor Wurzel
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