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Acker Bilk (Adge Cutler's employer 1960s)

Acker Bilk's part in The Wurzels story pretty much ended before the band started. Adge Cutler worked as Acker's road manager-cum-driver; and kept his employer amused - and himself awake - but singing self-penned songs as they drove. It was Acker's initial support that gave Adge the confidence to pursue his own musical career. Adge appeared in several of Adge's shows (both live and on the tv) as a short comedy act.

Adge's first record - a one-off demo produced by a shop in Bristol in 1958 appears to have been recorded at the Royal Oak in Nailsea in 1958; the tracks were 'Drink Up Thy Zider', 'Easton In Gordano' and 'In The Hay Making Time' with Adge singing backed by Acker Bilk and his band and a lot of raucous locals! 

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