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Sil Willcox (The Wurzels manager 2001-present day)

Sil Willcox made moves to manage The Wurzels in the early part of the the new Millennium - and in doing so revived the band and created for them a whole new successful future bringing them back into the public eye with huge success!

A local Somerset lad, Sil had been in various bands as a young man before making the move into management with The Stranglers. Sil now runs Cruisin' Music, a management  company representing The Stranglers, The Wurzels, The Fun Loving Criminals and others.

For a long time Sil lived and worked from his music studio and offices in a converted farmhouse in Falkland near Bath - within easy staggering distance of the famous Tucker's Grave cider pub; however over the winter of 2008-9 he relocated to France - although, as the song goes, he'll never get a scrumpy there!

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