Adge Cutler & The Wurzels Overseas Album Releases

It appears that neither Adge, his manager or The Wurzels were aware of any vinyl LP releases outside of the UK - so exactly how many countries his albums were released in is currently unclear.

So far only two Adge albums have been found to have been released abroad - these are the self-titled 1967 LP 'Adge Cutler & The Wurzels' and the later 1980 compilation LP 'Adge Cutler's Cider-Drinking Favourites'. 

The Wurzels Archives

South-East Asia Release 1967-71

Adge Cutler & The Wurzels

This release is identical to the UK version of Adge's debut album - originally released in the UK in 1967, catalogue number SX6126.

Only two examples have yet come to light for this album, although no doubt there are many more out there somewhere.

The sleeve artwork is identical to the UK release with the exception of the EMI logo (this version is a lot larger) and the absence of the word 'mono' in the top right-hand corner.

The Wurzels Archives

The vinyl record itself weighs 161g, a good playing weight, far heavier than the equivalent UK pressing. It was made using the same master as produced the UK pressings with the XAX3311 and XAX3312 matrix (including the over-stamping fault on side 2 that can be seem on all the mono UK pressings).

This example was produced with a first mother on side 1, second mother on side 2. No information is given on the stamper number. The label style is different to the UK pressing. ​ For more information refer to the UK pressing of this disc. ​

The Wurzels Archives

The sleeve is of the triple-flipback style from 1967-1970 with laminated front and flaps. The back of the sleeve is identical to the UK release from this period with three exceptions:

i) there is no printed information on the flaps, eg catalogue number and printer information.

​ ii) on the bottom right corner the UK information on the use of an 'EMITEX' cleaning cloth and the EMI UK name has been replaced by three Asian EMI subsidiaries - Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia ​

iii) below the latter information in small print is 'Times Litho Publicity' - this was a Singapore printing business owned by The Straits Times, in business between 1965 and 1971

The Wurzels Archives

New Zealand 1982:

Adge Cutler's Cider-Drinking Favourites

This release by the World Record Club in New Zealand is identical to the UK version of this compilation album (which had been released in 1980) but with a new catalogue number WM4434

The Wurzels Archives

Only one example has yet come to light for this album, although no doubt there are many more out there somewhere.

The sleeve artwork is identical to the UK release but with appropriate changes to manufacturing area etc that can be seen on the back of the sleeve. Despite these images the colouring of the sleeve is actually the same as the UK version

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