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"LITTLE DARLIN' " Reissue of 1972 Single

This was effectively a reissue of Adge's final single (CBS8067) that had been released on 12th May 1972. This release however, on 28th June 1974, was on the 'Santa Ponsa' record label, catalogue number PNS20.

The Band:

At the time of the recording of this single the Wurzels supporting Adge were Reg Quantrill, Tommy Banner and Tony Baylis. By the time of this re-release none of the original members of the band were still in-situ.

The Single:  

This single was a reissue of Adge's 1972 single 'Little Darlin' backed with 'Mother Nature Calling'. For full details of the tracks on this release click here   

The record label 'Santa Ponsa' was formed by the production team of Roger Easterby and Des Champ in 1973, and the majority of its singles were produced by them. The company had been in existence prior to this; it started out in 1973 (and the original version of this single on the CBS label had 'Santa Ponsa Productions' credited), and appears to have folded at the end of the following year, being replaced by the 'Route' record label. Twenty-five singles were issued, in a PNS-0 numerical series, most of which look to have been aimed at the Pop market, with this Adge Cutler single being number 20. Only once did Santa Ponsa get a single into the Charts: Guy Darrell's, 'I've Been Hurt' (PNS-4) made the No.12 spot in 1973. Manufacture and distribution were by Pye Records based in London.

This single was reissued shortly after Adge's death in May 1974 along with the usual press material to promote the release.  Two rare and interesting examples can be viewed below (these may not be viewable on some mobile platforms at the moment).

The Wurzels Archives

Santa Ponsa Press Release

The Wurzels Archives

Pye Records Press Release

Disc and Label Variations:

The single was pressed using the 1972 CBS8067 master.

The examples below and the associated statistics are taken from the collection of Professor Wurzel and represent what a collector should expect to find. For more information on references to matrix information (including information on acetates), vinyl tax codes , album sleeves, singles sleeves, and Columbia album labels, then refer to the Vinyl Collecting Guides on the main menu.

The Wurzels Archives

Image 1
Matrix PNS 20 A-10X and PNS 20 B-10X. Both sides of the record, which was of the 'four-pronged' centre design, had a first mother and stamper. There was only one short pressing run of this single. All commercial pressings appear to be of the four pronged centre design.

The Wurzels Archives

Image 2
Matrix PNS 20 A-10X and PNS 20 B-10X. This example is the promotional copy ( ''NOT FOR SALE' printed on the label) complete with the large 'A' to indicate the primary side of the record and the release date next to it was given as 28-6-74 (28 June 1974). Both sides of the record, which was of the solid centre design, had a first mother and stamper. There were only a handful of promotional copies pressed (for distribution to radio stations etc), all of which appear to have been of this solid centre design. 

The Wurzels Archives

Collectors' Extra

Odd little item - a preview copy of this single sent to BBC Radio Manchester on 21 June 1974 a week before its official release.

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