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"Morning Glory" b/w "Rock Around The A.38"

This was the third 7" 45rpm vinyl single released by The Wurzels after Adge Cutler's death. It was released on 19th November 1976 on the EMI record label, catalogue number EMI2568.

The Band:

At the time of the recording of this single The Wurzels consisted of Pete Budd, Tommy Banner and Tony Baylis, all of who had been supporting Adge Cutler at the time of his death two years earlier.

The Tracks:

Both tracks on this single - Morning Glory (the 'A' side) and Rock Around The A.38 - were new and previously unreleased tracks. They were both studio recordings (recordings that took place at EMI's Abbey Road Studios). Both tracks were later released on the 'Golden Delicious' LP in April 1977.

Disc and Label Variations:

The examples below are taken from the collection of Professor Wurzel and represent what a collector should expect to find. Generally The Wurzels' vinyl single releases from 1975 onwards tended to have an initial pressing run and were then taken off the catalogue. Matrix, Mother and Stamper codes were still used on the vinyl and the information centred around Adge's 1960's recordings that can be found on the Main Menu under 'Vinyl Collecting Guides' remains relevant (with minor changes between different record labels).

All variations of this single contain a humorous phrase hand-etched into the original master. On the A side can be found FIVE FOR VIC LANZA! This is believed to be a reference to Vic Lanza, a manager who was instrumental in getting The Wurzels into Abbey Road to record their first single in 1976. Side B had the phrase WELCOME BILLY! the reason behind this is so far unclear!

The Wurzels Archives

Image 1:

EMI2568 was issued on the standard EMI red/tan label (with two shades). This example and variation is on the lighter shade of the label.

'A' Side Matrix: EMI 2568 A-2 1 A

'B' Side Matrix: EMI 2568 B-2 1 H

Interesting to find a Wurzels single pressed using a second master - either the first master was faulty or sales were higher than expected.

The Wurzels Archives

Image 2:

Very rare example of this single - it having a solid centre instead of the commonly found 4-spoke version. All other details on the vinyl and label are as per previous examples. The only other solid-centre Wurzels' EMI single from this period found thus far is EMI2686 'One For The Bristol City'.

Thanks to Peter May for this example.

'A' Side Matrix: EMI 2568 A-1 1 AH 

'B' Side Matrix: EMI 2568 B-1 1 AL   

The Wurzels Archives

Image 3:

As can be seen by the sticker on this example of EMI2568 (again on the lighter label) this is a 'factory sample' - a disc removed from the production line at random to have quality checks carried out on it. This example and variation is on the lighter shade of the label.

'A' Side Matrix: EMI 2568 A-1 1 RA

'B' Side Matrix: EMI 2568 B-1 1 GH    

The Wurzels Archives

Image 4:

Example of a demonstration (or promotional) copy of EMI2680 on the darker label. These copies were produced for radio stations etc. ‚Äč DEMO RECORD NOT FOR RESALE has been printed on both sides together with the release date - 19.11.76 . The title track of the single has been highlighted with a large 'A' on the appropriate side.

'A' Side Matrix: EMI 2568 A-1 1 G

'B' Side Matrix: EMI 2568 B-1 1 G  

The Record Sleeve:

This single came in the standard EMI company sleeve - front as shown in top image, the rear as shown right. This sleeve was first used on 1st July 1973. Early sleeves look very much identical except that the text 'EMI Records' is followed by The Gramophone Company Limited' on the earlier 1970-73 sleeve.

The Wurzels Archives
The Wurzels Archives

Collectors' Extra:

Most unusual copy of this single -a factory reject that made it through the system with the A side label remaining blank.
Thanks to Peter May for this one!

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