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The Wurzels With British Sea Power

Remember Me / 
I Am A Cider Drinker

This was the eighteenth 7" 45rpm vinyl single released by The Wurzels after Adge Cutler's death. It was released on 12th December 2005 on the Rough Trade record label, catalogue number RTRAD302. It was also released as a promotional CD.

The Band:

At the time of the recording of this single The Wurzels consisted of Pete Budd, Tommy Banner, John Morgan and Jai Howe. 

The Tracks:

This double -'A' sided single saw The Wurzels singing Remember Me collaborating with British Sea Power who perform I Am A Cider Drinker on the B side. The Wurzel track was produced by part-time Wurzel Louie Nicastro.

Disc and Label Variations:

The examples below are taken from the collection of Professor Wurzel and represent what a collector should expect to find. Generally The Wurzels' vinyl single releases from 1975 onwards tended to have an initial pressing run and were then taken off the catalogue. Matrix, Mother and Stamper codes were still used on the vinyl and the information centred around Adge's 1960's recordings that can be found on the Main Menu under 'Vinyl Collecting Guides' remains relevant (with minor changes between different record labels).

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Image 1:

RTRADS302 was issued on the Rough Trade Record's label.

'A' Side Matrix: RTRADS-302 A-1

'AA' Side Matrix: RTRADS-302 B-1

Dougie Townhouse was most probably the mastering engineer for the disc.

Collectors' Extras:

This single was initially limited to a numbered edition of 1966 copies - marking the year in which Adge Cutler first recorded with the Wurzels. Some were signed (along with the number) on the back of the sleeve by a member of British Sea Power. It was intended to be only available from the bands' online shops and merchandise stalls. As part of the promotion, The Wurzels appeared as special guests at the British Sea Power show at London Forum.

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In recent years some copies have surfaced without the number on the back, so possibly more than 1966 copies were pressed.

A limited number of the singles came with a free promotional beermat inside the sleeve.

The Wurzels Archives

As stated previously this single was intended to be only available from the band's online shop and merchandise stalls. This numbered example was sent on request to a fan from BPS together with an explanation on its lateness in arriving!

The Wurzels Archives

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