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Record releases by The Wurzels outside the UK are poorly documented as this was something managed by EMI worldwide rather than something that the group themselves were able to control - so this may be a page that will be updated and expanded as more information becomes available!

So far it appears that only one Wurzels record was released in the USA - unless you can tell us more of course!

7" Vinyl Single:

1976:    The Combine Harvester b/w The Blackbird

The Wurzels' only USA release was the 7"single Combine Harvester b/w The Blackbird. It was issued on abc Dot Records catalogue number DOA-17651.

The matrix on the A side is DOA-17651 29188-S-Z DP/WOODLAND. Interestingly the B side reads DOA-17651 29189-S-1 DP/WOODLAND . There is an error corrected on it, in that between the 29189 and the -S the number has been etched as 21989 and has been crossed/scribbled out.

The Wurzels Archives
The Wurzels Archives

This record can be found as shown (left - the commercially released version and (bottom) the promotional copy which was double-sided with the title track.

The release is identical to the 1976 UK version.

Many thanks to Peter May for images of this release.

The Wurzels Archives

The promotional version issued to radio stations came in the standard company sleeve, as shown, on the plain white promo label for Dot Records. This version is easily found, unlike the released version shown above.

The Wurzels Archives

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