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Bill Pinnell Wurzels 'live' drummer (1970s)

Bill Pinnell is one of three musicians credited in the Mervyn Hancock's book Wurzel's World as 'musicians who have supported the band over the years'. He is also mentioned on the sleeve notes on the album sleeve of the 1978 I'll Never Get A Scrumpy Here album as 'our ever cheerful drummer' - but this is the only reference he is given on a Wurzels release.

So who is Bill? Bill Pinnell hails from the little village of Badminton on the Gloucestershire side of the Gloucestershire-Wiltshire border, a few miles north of the M4. Having spoken to some of his friends from the village in 2008, they explained that he was a club and session drummer who worked with (amongst various other artistes) The Wurzels for a few years during the 1970s.

A local rural myth is that Bill performed on drums on the band's 1976 appearance on Top Of The Pops for Combine Harvester, but was behind the screen and so unseen by the audience. I have looked at the clip of the show, and while there is a screen, there is no way I can confirm or deny whether Bill is there banging away behind it!

He currently lives in Bristol, and I have no idea if he is still drumming!

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