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"All Fall Down" b/w "Somerset Crumpet Horn"

This was the fifteenth 7" 45rpm vinyl single released by The Wurzels after Adge Cutler's death. It was released in October 1986 on the Dingle's record label, catalogue number SID238.

  Song Lyrics

The Band:

At the time of the recording of this single The Wurzels consisted of Tommy Banner, Pete Budd, Mike Gwilliam and John Morgan. This was the first appearance of Mike Gwilliam on a Wurzel's single.

The Tracks:

All Fall Down - the 'A' side on this single - and Somerset Crumpet Horn were both new recordings. All Fall Down was a new release, Somerset Crumpet Horn was a re-recording of the song that could be found on The Combine Harvester album. They were both studio recordings.

Disc and Label Variations:

The examples below are taken from the collection of Professor Wurzel and represent what a collector should expect to find. Generally The Wurzels' vinyl single releases from 1975 onwards tended to have an initial pressing run and were then taken off the catalogue. Matrix, Mother and Stamper codes were still used on the vinyl and the information centred around Adge's 1960's recordings that can be found on the Main Menu under 'Vinyl Collecting Guides' remains relevant (with minor changes between different record labels).

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Image 1:

This single - SID238 - was released on the Dingle's record label

'A' Side Matrix: SID-238-A2 DW Penthouse 5/9
'B' Side Matrix: SID-238-B1 DW Penthouse

'Penthouse' in the run off groove refers to 'The Penthouse' which was a UK mastering & mixing Studio, part of The Abbey Road Group of companies.  DW is most probably the mastering engineer, with 5/9 being the date of 5th September when the disc was mastered.  

"All Fall Down" b/w "Somerset Crumpet Horn" - Song Lyrics

  • Side 1      All Fall Down
  • When I was very very very young man
    I grew too far that I was a man
    I took to the pipe and I looked to the pint
    I slept in a field on a cold foggy night
    And we all fall down
  • (Chorus)
  • Bless our Lord and apple crop
    Fill our glasses to the top
    Some drink bitter, some drink brown
    We all drink cider and we all fall down
    And we all fall down
  • Now cider I say is the drink for a man
    We all like a drop whenever we can
    Some like it sweet, and some like it rough
    And some go to ground when the going gets tough
    And we all fall down
  • (Repeat chorus)
  • Now we've all played hard and we've all had our fun
    We've tasted whiskey, we've tasted rum
    But there's nothing finer in the heat of the day
    Than a cool pint of cider and then you’m ok
    And we all fall down
  • (Repeat chorus)
  • We'll break out the barrel and we'll all have a jug
    We'll pray to the Lord now the taters are dug
    A drink for the cows, a drink for the corn
    We'll all have a drink for the lambs being born
    And we'll all fall down
  • (Repeat chorus twice)
  • Repeat chorus to fade

  • Lyrics Kindly transcribed by E.Bryant,
    Verified by Professor Wurzel
  • Side 2     My Somerset Crumpet Horn
  • I met a fair young maiden, as pretty as can be
    I asked her very nicely, if she'd come home with me
    She said kind Sir I'd love to, but I must be back by dawn
    So I took her home and I showed her, me Somerset crumpet horn
  • I made a cup of cocoa, and I sat her in the chair
    She said I'd love to see this thing that you say is so rare
    So I took it out to show her, all cuddly and fat
    She said I thought I'd seen a few but never one like that
  • Oh me Somerset crumpet horn, me Somerset crumpet horn
    I took her home and I showed her me Somerset crumpet horn
    Ha ha ha ha!
  • She said she'd like to hold it, to see how much it weighed
    I put it in her tiny hand and closed me eyes and prayed
    I prayed she'd treat it gently, not bash it all about
    Cos a crumpet horn is delicate, of that there is no doubt
  • She said she'd like to blow it, she said she'd like to try
    She put her lips about it, in the twinkling of an eye
    She took a mighty breath and, before I coulda caught her
    She played a tune so beautiful it made me poor eyes water
  • Me Somerset crumpet horn, me Somerset crumpet horn
    I took her home and I showed her me Somerset crumpet horn
  • Ooh hoo hoo hoo hoo arr!
  • We played for hours and hours, in perfect harmony
    We played at all positions, and we played in every key
    We played until the sun came out and the first grey light of dawn
    She said I cannot leave you with your Somerset crumpet horn

  • My love and I are married, we are of one accord
    And with our mutual interest, we find weem never bored
    And if discord ever threatens we can weather every storm
    And we'll have a special session on me Somerset crumpet horn
    Oh me Somerset crumpet horn, me Somerset crumpet horn
    We'll have a special session on me Somerset crumpet horn
  • (Repeat four times)
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