Professor Wurzel's WURZELMANIA! - October 2021

This month's website release includes copies of some rather rare press releases made when Adge and his Wurzels 'Little Darlin' 1972 single was reissued in 1974 after his death. 

To view these press releases in this month's Wurzelmania! website update then then just click here

Following Adge's death in May 1974 both EMI and Pye saw fit to re-release singles to commemorate the sad event. EMI reissued Adge's very first single 'Drink Up Thy Zider' from 1966 whereas Pye/Santa Ponsa decided to reissue the group's final single 'Little Darlin' back with 'Mother Nature Calling'. Press releases to accompany the Pye/Santa Ponsa releases have recently been added to the archives and can be seen in full here

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